Toddler's (12 - 23 months)
Our program offers a balance of learning, nurturing, and playtime throughout the day.

Two Year Old's
Our learning environment keeps your two year old's fingers busy exploring and their mind engaged & having fun.

Three Year Old's
Our daily activities develop your child's academic skills while helping them learn social skills.

Pre-school (4-5 years)
Our curriculum focuses on a wide variety of skills to help prepare your child for kindergarten and a life time of learning.

School Age (5-12 years)
Our Before & After Schoolers program offers your school-age child homework support, expression through art, and many fun learning opportunities through our numerous centers.

Summer Camp (5-12 years)
Our Summer Camp gives your children a fun filled summer while still developing their academic and social skills. Each week is packed full of activities, field trips, and other learning opportunities.

Shiloh Road is committed to teaching with innovative, high quality, developmental appropriate learning materials.  This allows the teachers to easily facilitate a creative, integrated, hands-on experience for the children.  Our goal is to enhance the development of “readiness” skills, encourage a love for learning and promote family involvement in the learning process.  This establishes a strong foundation on which future success in school and life can be built upon.
Each class has a written lesson plan and agenda for each age group.  This posted schedule allows parents to follow the learning objectives for their child.  All schedules include center time, group time, large motor skills, small motor skills, and outside play time.
We fill your child’s day with play,  wonder, music, drawing and so much more.  We believe in just letting kids be kids and have a chance to be self creative.  We create an atmosphere that promotes a warm comfortable environment that gives children the freedom to explore and learn.